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Mission Statement

With the vast majority of genetic vendors being located outside the USA, we wanted a safe and reliable way to supply people here in the states with verified genetic seeds for sale from California. The service we provide avoids the hassles of overseas shipping and all that it entails.

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What Differentiates Us

While the majority of seed breeders are in Europe and Canada, our genetics come from a vast 4th generation seed nursery right here in California. Purchasing from The Strain Seeds avoids the time lag and limited payment options of vendors abroad.

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Our focus is on helping growers acquire verified genetics promptly and without the risks. We enjoy helping people and we strongly believe in the positive attributes of Cannabis. We have simplified the process to accept most all forms of payment, plus the seeds will arrive quickly. ALL aspects of your purchase are GUARANTEED.

Feminized Seeds

Benefits of our feminized seeds for sale

Guaranteed delivery.  The Feminized seeds for sale Are low stress high performing strains.  We have chosen the best phenotypes with some trade secrets to make reliable, bountiful, happy plants.  The process of making these strains is advanced and modern, and the results are amazing.  These feminized seeds for sale online are as good as it gets, plus they are bred in California USA.  We do get special strains from time to time that we have limited runs of which we email customers offers on.   We want to provide strains you want to keep coming back for.  Cannabis seed strains for sale online. Feminized seeds for sale online.


Regular Seeds

Benefits of our regular cannabis seeds for sale

Guaranteed delivery.  The regular strains we carry have been carefully chosen from landrace genetics.  The reason to select regular seeds is twofold.  First off regular seeds encompass all the phenotypes so you can get all the variants a strain has to offer.  Secondly, regular seeds allow for breeding if you want to make your own strains.  The percentage of female and male seeds in the regular packs lean in favor of female plants.  These California genetics have some parentage that dates back to the 1980s.  Our 3rd generation seed nursery is built on consistent high quality strains.  We are here to earn long term customers.  Non feminized seeds for sale online. 

Advantages of buying our auto flower cannabis seeds online

Guaranteed delivery.  The auto flower seeds we carry have been carefully bred and selected for great reliable results.  We have created so many auto strains and only selected the very best to bring you.  For auto flower seeds for sale online we trust ours to be superior.  These are California genetics, and they are stable and healthy.  We have used land race strains as the parents to make reliable genetics and a great harvest.  Cannabis / Weed seeds for sale online.  Auto flower seeds for sale online.

Guaranteed delivery. There are a lot of benefits to growing from our CBD seeds for sale. One of the most common benefits from CBD is it’s ability to alleviate pain. Marijuana is a very effective natural remedy for ailments. On top of that we think it should be available to patients who need it. These seeds were bred in California and are verified genetic CBD seeds. We aim to help as many patients who are seeking the medicinal properties from both our CBD and THC derived cannabis and hemp seeds. The CBD seeds for sale online from us are held to a prestigious gold standard that we are proud of.

Advantages of buying our medicinal CBD marijuana seeds

Regular Marijuana Seeds Online Store in USA

If you are looking forward to buying High THC Seeds Online USA, then this is the place for you. We are one of the best destinations for top quality cannabis seeds. We have a huge variety of cannabis seeds available for sale at our online store. These include both regular as well as feminized seeds. You will also find auto-flowering feminized marijuana seeds from around the planet at our online store. All our products are handpicked for you and are also guaranteed to grow into marijuana plants. The products will also help you to enjoy all the benefits of marijuana. Our Regular Marijuana Seeds Online Store USA is also known for its affordability.

Buy High THC Strains Online in USA

Being the best Marijuana Seed Shop In USA, we offer some of the rarest varieties of marijuana at our online store. Our seeds are also quite safe and reliable and are of really good quality. We also offer a huge variety of payment options to our customers so that they can make their payment to be without any kind of hindrance. You will be able to make your payment using credit cards, debit cards, and much more. The seeds have been chosen from the best phenotypic type. They will also provide you with outstanding results and you do not have to wait for days for your seeds to germinate. So, for High THC Strains Online USA, get in touch with us.