Green Headband


Green Headband is a well-balanced, sativa-leaning strain. It’s great for daytime use, and has both a very distinct lemony-diesel flavor, and a citrusy aroma.

Green Headband Sativa Strain

The Green Headband Sativa Strain is an auto flower strain that is a stable hybrid with large potent buds in a high-quality, sativa-leaning plant. The THC levels are in the 20% range, and it has thorough trichome formation with an enlightening citrus-diesel aroma. This strain’s seeds haven’t been feminized, and its seeds will produce 65%+ female plants. A very stabilized genetic and quite the solid producer. It’s safe to put your bets on this strain for a great auto-flower grow.


The auto-flowering strain “Green Headband”, formed from a cross of “Chemdawg” and “Headband” (auto-flower). Each strain’s phenotypes were carefully selected to achieve what was done here. Many long months of testing turned into years before the end result came to be. That is what we bring you here. A perfect hybrid of two classics and its also very popular with our long term customers.

Growing Green Headband

The height of Green Headband Auto when finished is medium. The yield is also in the medium range for an auto flower strain. This is one of the higher quality auto flower strains on the market. Well suited for growing indoors or outdoors. Easy to trim with branching long arms filled with buds and a proper hybrid appearance in size and shape. The leaf structure appears to be more sativa in shape and that makes for less time spent when it is time to trim. On average the yield is 1/5 lb in a 80 day complete grow cycle from seed. We have grown many harvests of Green Headband Auto and it is a stable solid strain we will continue to offer.

Use and Effects

Green Headband Auto is a solid hybrid with both creative effects and an uplifting feeling. Nice for both physical pain relief and stress. A well balanced strain good for the daytime and a very distinct flavor and aroma. A sativa leaning hybrid strain and the split is around 65/35. This strain is great if you like sativa but also enjoy the traits from a hybrid. A great all day flower plus an end result you will be proud to show your friends.

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