OG Kush


The high from OG Kush Auto is Indica-leaning. Its effects are quite potent, physically relaxing, and long lasting. This strain will grow into a vigorous, compact plant. This strain produces a pretty generous yield, containing dense and trichome-filled buds.

OG Kush Strain Online in USA

OG Kush Strain Online USA is an incredible marijuana strain. This auto cannabis hybrid has an aroma with hints of oil and citrus fruits and a flavor with notes of tropical fruit, lemon, diesel, and spices. Don’t forget that, due to her Indica dominance, moisture is OG Kush Auto’s enemy. This is because of her incredibly compact body that takes too long to dry.


This auto flower seed strain that we provide is an automatic cannabis seed of grand origins. This strain was a result of an OG Kush and a Ruderalis. There is a vast array of OG cuts in holding by the many various growers. Because of this, there’s a big difference between almost every version of this Auto strain. The large number of “Ruderalis” growers that have been paired with an array of Kush clones, have allowed even more variations. A tell tale sign of high quality OG Kush Auto seeds is that they will have a strong gassy-citrus aroma, and decent knockout power.

Growing OG Kush

This pretty and small marijuana plant will do well both indoors and outdoors, providing the climate of the grow area is not too humid. It’s flower yields are filled with dense buds coated in a fragrant resin. This OG Hybrid is an auto flowering marijuana seed that reproduces, as a smaller mimic of the fem version. Because of this, it will grow into a vigorous, Indica-shaped, compact plant. This strain is a producer of pretty generous crops, with dense, and resinous cannabis buds. This Auto is also a very strong cannabis strain that requires little overall attention.

Use & Effects

The high from OG Kush Auto is Indica leaning. Its effects are quite potent, physically relaxing, and long lasting. Be careful because it also has some Sativa nuances that will provide a very interesting cerebral touch. This makes the entire experience much more balanced.

Pack Size

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