Purple Super Fruit


The Purple Super Fruit cannabis strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that will satisfy both the palate and mind with its citrusy-fruit inhale, with a smooth relaxing exhale. Following close behind is a burst of euphoria and an overall uplifting experience.

Purple Super Fruit

The Purple Super Fruit Strain USA is a Sativa dominant hybrid that satisfies both the palate and mind. This strain will leave an impression with bright, bold bursts of happy euphoria, and an uplifting buzz. Divided amongst the flower lies a plethora of lush green and bright orange stigmas with moderate trichomes on the outside. The flowers of this strain offer a strong aroma of sweet fruit with a fuel overtone. For any fan of a fruity-citrus inhale followed by a creamy earthy exhale, this super sativa-hybrid will leave your taste buds begging for more.


The fantastic strain Super Fruit, originated from Huckleberry Hill Farms in Southern Humboldt. On top of that, It has become one of the world’s top medicinal sativa-leaning strains. This strain is a cross between Fruit Loops, and OG.

Growing Super Fruit

The trichomes of this strain increase and an illustrious purple will reveal itself as you get closer to the stem. Firstly, this strain typically responds better to light-fertilizer levels, and less-frequent feedings as opposed to an indica-dominant hybrid. Additionally, while it’s beneficial to water regularly, be conscious not to over fertilize if using nutrient solvents in every watering session. This sativa has a delicate balance that can be easily diminished or disrupted by too much fertilizer build up. Super Fruit favors a high light intensity, so long as the temperature is no higher than 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Lastly, humidity needs to stay around 55-65% RH in order to keep the plant healthy.

Use and Effects

Super Fruit is perfect for daytime use as it inspires creativity and motivation for anything on the agenda. It’s also celebrated for reducing inattention as well as physical and mental discomfort, depressed feelings and stressful or anxious thoughts. Because of this, Purple Super Fruit is ideal for many activities during the daytime that require physical activity or a high level of social interaction. This hybrid provides uplifting euphoria following a deep body impact. This is a great strain for those suffering from depression, PTSD or chronic pain.


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