Super 90


Super 90 is an auto-flowering strain which is known to produce dense and fruity buds. It has great crystal formation, a piney diesel aroma, and a spiced tanginess that leaves the palate craving more of the tantalizing flavor and aroma.

Super 90

Super 90 is an auto flower strain that is known to produce dense fruity buds in a high quality hybrid. The THC levels are in the 20%+ range and it has great crystal formation with a spicy sour aroma. This strain isn’t feminized, however it will produce close to 80% female plants. It’s known to be more vigorous than many high stress auto flower strains. This strain isn’t called super for nothing!


The Super 90 auto strain was born from a cross of Super Fruit by Devils Headband 60 day auto flower pollen. It was then back crossed and pollenated again by the 60 day Devils headband. That created the end result which was dialed in and ready to grow large scale. This has been grown in the nursery that made it since it was created. It was obvious that a winner was born when the Super 90 strain came to be.

Growing Super 90

The height when finished is medium, and the yield is in the high range for an auto flower strain. It is one of the best yielding auto flower strains on the market. Well suited for growing indoors or outdoors. Easy to trim with large top buds that appear more indica in size and shape. Leaf structure is more sativa leaning so it makes for less trouble when they are trimmed. On average it yields 1/4 lb in a 90 day complete grow cycle from seed. We have grown many harvests of Super 90 and it is a reliable strain.

Use and Effects

Super 90 is a solid hybrid with both calming effects as well as creativity with pain relief. A well balanced strain that is piney in flavor as well as earthy and clean. A true hybrid and the split is close to 50/50. It really is the best of both worlds while being euphoric and calming. A great all day flower with a schedule you can depend on.

Pack Size

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